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Imagine that your only role as a business owner is to focus on growing your business, not on the other “stuff” that needs to get done. At Analytix, our specialty is helping businesses succeed by doing just that — managing all of that other “stuff.” We provide customized business solutions for critical service areas, integrated seamlessly. And it’s not just what we do, it’s how we do it.

Our cross-disciplinary teams — with deep, proven industry expertise — work together cooperatively so that our solutions provide you with a more powerful core of growth-driven business functions. All under one roof — ours. The combination of services and solutions we provide is limitless…. making the possibilities for your business limitless, too.


Scalability of Services

Flexible Engagement Model

Flexible Engagement Model

Affordable Cost Structure

Affordable Cost Structure

Domain Expertise


Divisional Services

Finance and Accounting

Finance and Accounting

With an experienced team of accounting professionals, we offer businesses a full range of accounting services, from bookkeeping to part-time CFO and accounting systems integration.

Our experts can augment your existing team, work with you to streamline and optimize accounting processes, and help manage accounting work overflow during peak periods. You have 24/7 access to accurate, timely financial data and reporting, which positions your business with the agility to react quickly to changes, positively impacting decision-making.



Technology advances so rapidly, new developments can outpace a business's ability to keep up. Our team of IT experts collaborates with you on a scalable basis to assist with key IT infrastructure functions such as cloud services, website development, data security, custom software development, as well as platform based solutions and application development.

We can help you identify areas of your business where technology can enhance your productivity, implement the solution, and manage the maintenance for you. Delegate IT-focused tasks to our qualified professionals so you can focus on driving business growth.

Data Management

Data Management

Reliance on technology to optimize business functions and automate timely data generation for decision-making has resulted in vast quantities of complex data.

Our data management team can help turn your data into organized, manageable reports in usable formats, allowing for actionable insights. We can assess your needs and propose solutions for data entry, data migration, data cleaning, and data storage on safe and secure servers.

Insight360 Industry Solutions

Insight360 Industry Solutions

Our Insight360 series of products are comprehensive solutions for specialized industries that combine accounting services, financial and operational tools, and a cloud-based portal. The portal houses customized reports with key metrics, benchmarks, and KPIs by industry for better insight into business performance.

The industry-specific tools and applications allow for increased productivity, as the data from these customized and third-party applications are integrated into your reports for a more holistic, streamlined understanding of your business.

AV Solutions

AV Solutions

Deliver more with less by using our team of Audio Visual engineers. We provide integrators, consultants, and vendors with specialized AV expertise for your AV engineering and AV CAD work needs.

Our team provides flexible options to expand your bandwidth and your ability to complete AV projects on time and within budget. Our staff specialists are highly trained in AV Revit (BIM) modeling services, as well. In addition to AV, we also offer electronic security system (ESS) CAD services.

Healthcare Solutions

Healthcare Solutions

Our experienced healthcare solutions team works with HMEs and DMEs on a range of medical billing functions, with the goal of optimizing revenue cycle management.

We can focus on a single aspect of pre-billing or post-billing, such as claims submissions and payment postings, or we can complete the entire end-to-end process. With an emphasis on QC measures around billing, we are HIPPA compliant and provide secure access to patient data and information.

Relationships for the Long Term


At Analytix, we partner with businesses across numerous industries. The relationships that our teams build with our clients are key to those successful partnerships. Our teams function as a resource that provides expertise within our divisional areas.

With a combined technological infrastructure and a flexible, cost effective engagement model, we can be a tremendous asset to our partners in helping them remain competitive. Our solutions are scalable so you can draw on our expertise when you need it most, giving you access to a skilled professional team. As your partner, we can help bridge the needs between front and back office activities, across many functional areas. We work with you to manage write ups, BPO, tax preparation, implementation, and audit services — all under a single roof. Many of our partners use us as a resource for service and product line extensions. Incredible partners, relationships, and teams lead to incredible results.

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Array ( [0] => Build a Better Revit BIM Business

Given the transformative benefits of AV Revit BIM technology, it makes sense to harness and leverage them to grow the profitability of your business.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a 3-dimensional design and modeling tool that helps designers, architects, and construction professionals create models of their designs. This ensures:

  • Stakeholders get an idea of how the actual finished product will look.
  • Modifications and changes occur at the pre-construction stage.
  • Planning, scheduling, and even project costing is improved. Models are realistic, so project costs can be calculated in terms of materials and staffing needed.

BIM technology enables realistic visualizations of buildings without the effort involved in preparing a manual model for them. This allows for:

  • Improved and enhanced communication of building plans at the pre-construction stage.
  • Enhanced coordination among stakeholders of a building project.
  • Pre-empting risk factors and possible problem areas.

Why Revit BIM?

The Revit BIM application by Autodesk enables realistic exhibition and understanding for designers, builders, architects, and a host of other professionals and engineers associated with construction design. This makes optimal use of Revit BIM a vital aspect when looking to grow your business.

Professional Revit BIM deployment: Grow your business

Professional deployment of Revit BIM services gives an added advantage to your business growth plans. Consider the following benefits:

  • Presence of robust infrastructure to help install and successfully deploy AV solutions, regardless of whether you are an AV integrator business, consultant, or AV manufacturer.
  • Save costs on project basis because intelligent deployment of solutions leads to better planning of AV BIM projects, reduced risks, and better implementation and execution.
  • Save on capital expenses by accessing AV expertise, freeing your trained AV engineering resources to focus on conceptualizing and problem-solving.
  • Consistently add value to client deliverables through professional CAD solutions, and architectural BIM models that come with AV equipment.
  • Help your business gain the goodwill and trust that comes as a natural result of client satisfaction, potentially enhancing business gains from existing and new business opportunities.

Streamlined, organized AV operations can drive profitability through savings of time and effort. As AV business owners, you can ensure optimal utilization of talent by reassigning trained resources to high-margin tasks. Low-margin tasks can be outsourced to ensure they contribute to quality output without impacting existing business or in-house resources.

Next steps

  • Learn about Analytix Audio Visual solutions, including Revit BIM software utilization, that streamline your operations and boost profitability.
  • Email us at [email protected] or call us on 781.503.9002 today.
  • Follow our blog for industry trends and the latest updates.
  • Engage with us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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[1] => How to Prevent Common Accounting Errors

Financial and accounting work needs extra attention to maintain accuracy. Even a small mistake can jeopardize the entire business. In addition, government regulations make us ensure that books are clear, clean, and error-free to avoid penalties and tax fraud.

From debit to credit and receivables to payables, every entry should be recorded correctly under the right account with the correct data. Even with a firm process in place, errors occur in accounts, bookkeeping, and financial records because of human or technical errors.

While we know that we are all human at the end of the day, however this can be greatly reduced if you set processes in place to ensure the same procedure is followed or use technology to eliminate some of the human work. Whatever the approach you take, preventing common accounting errors will position you for success. Here are some of the most common mistakes made while maintaining books and accounts to keep an eye out for.

Common Accounting Errors

  • Error of principle

Each record should be recorded in the correct account including asset, debit, or credit. When you mistakenly record a transaction under the wrong account, even if all the details are accurate, this is an error of principle. This kind of transaction does not meet the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).

  • Error of entry reversal

This error occurs when you add an amount in an account other than its original one. For example, you record a transaction of $100 into account receivables instead of account payables. It is important to adjust this amount to solve this error.

  • Error of duplication

When you record the same transaction (debit or credit) repeatedly, it leads to duplication. This normally happens when you have different people managing books. Communicate with your team and keep them updated about each transaction so that transactions are not recorded more than once.

  • Error of transposition

This error happens when you disorder two numbers, for example, when you record $46 as $64 or 1564 as 1654. This type of error can be costly to your business, and it can show losses. In addition, this kind of accounting error is difficult to locate, so be careful when you record transactions.

  • Error of commission

This happens when you enter all the correct details, from the right amount to the general account, but you choose the wrong sub-accounts. For example, if you receive a payment from a vendor, you may record this payment in a customer’s account.

  • Error of omission

This happens when you forget to enter the transaction. These kinds of accounting errors are not part of any books.  It is important to find missing details and adjust accordingly. Consider all invoices, receipts, checks, and bills to assist in solving errors of omission.

Prevent Common Accounting Errors

Prevent Common Accounting Errors

Correcting entries with journal entries can resolve accounting errors. Doing so will adjust debit and credit with a new entry to record profit and loss of the business. Adjust both debits and credits when correcting errors. Check your trial balance, compare bank statements with accounting records, and complete bank reconciliations if necessary.

Trial balance

The most common tactic to verify accuracy in accounting is to make sure the credit and debit amounts are the same. You can have peace of mind if you find the same amount on both sides, whereas if you find different amounts, something is wrong.

Bank reconciliations

Ensure that debit and credit are balanced, and then compare them to a bank statement. If your balance and bank statements are showing different figures, then there is a mistake in recording a transaction. Cross check each entry to uncover the mistake.

Good Practices to Prevent Accounting Errors

  • Set aside time to specifically check and record entries regularly and promptly.
  • Cross check and review accounts every day.
  • Always record the cash transaction on a priority.
  • Utilize the latest technology for automation.
  • Outsource accounting services for proper tax documentation.
  • Train your staff to maintain data accuracy.
  • Keep a daily, weekly, and monthly review system in place.
  • File and record invoices and receipts in chronological order.

The above practices can save you time and help maintain accuracy however, if you are having a hard time managing your books, you can also consider accounting outsourcing. Outsourcing will help you to save money, time, and will provide proper business insights. Professional assistance can help you deal with errors better and faster so that you don’t spend hours and hours sorting through data to find the problem.

Next Steps

  • Save every earned dollar and let accounting experts handle your accounts and bookkeeping.
  • Email us at [email protected]or call us on 781.503.9002 today.
  • Follow our blogfor industry trends and the latest updates.Engage with us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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[2] => Innovation: Focusing on Resolutions for Your Customer

With the unprecedented crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, a new way of working and living came to the fore, globally: remote working, remote business transactions, and even remote payments and all related communication. The scale of the pandemic is such that aid continues to be needed and granted. The US Small Business Administration (SBA) has awarded more than $7.5 billion to small businesses, including those with fewer than ten employees as part of the Shuttered Venue Operator Grants. The program provides eligible applicants grants up to a maximum value of $10 million.

The pandemic also focused attention on the need for technical capabilities. Payments, taking and recording business orders, consulting on work to be completed, need to be shifted online to enable the business to continue operations without disruption.

For businesses that were well-positioned technically, this transition was easier than for those that were not prepared with some proportion of technical base.

As a COVID-19 landscape continues, businesses that are not technologically savvy still have to step up and adapt to better perform in a changing world.

Here are some ways in which you can help your clients deal with business during a crisis:

Help them reach out for aid

Assistance can be provided by setting up operations that are not only reliable, but also optimized and engaged with current programs, such as financial aid from the government. Accessing aid requires completed forms, electronic copies of paper records, and readily available business information.

Working with a strategic outsourcing partner can help you ramp up your own infrastructure system so that you can then extend a helping hand to your own clients.

Resolve their immediate issues

Ensuring effective cash flow management is an example of a practical resolution to pressing and important matters. Cash flow management is critical for business sustainability.

As a solutions provider for your clients, helping them with their cash flow management can take care of a portion of the business’s financial management. Other immediate issues that can help your clients is taking over daily bookkeeping tasks to streamline overall accounting function.

During times of crisis, it may become difficult to track receipts, invoices, and paper-based transactions. Shifting work to the cloud can assist in each of these tasks. However, given the need for a high volume of capital investment to set up technical capabilities, it can be easier to reach out to a strategic outsourcing partner and access their system, giving you the ability to start immediately without first investing in in-house systems.

Help them adapt to changed circumstances

Adaptability can help your clients optimize available assistance, and build momentum to ensure sustainability and long-term growth.

The need for assistance is central to successful adaptability. Most businesses may be so overwhelmed as a result of the crisis that they may be totally unaware of any assistance, financial grants, and other programs. A professional strategic partner is not only aware of such programs, but is also uniquely placed to provide the right assistance in harnessing aid.

Apart from streamlining daily operations, it is important to help clients plan for economic independence and financial strength. Embracing change and adoption of outsourced assistance and automation can enable clients to adapt to technology more efficiently.

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