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Imagine that your only role as a business owner is to focus on growing your business, not on the other “stuff” that needs to get done. At Analytix, our specialty is helping businesses succeed by doing just that — managing all of that other “stuff.” We provide customized business solutions for critical service areas, integrated seamlessly. And it’s not just what we do, it’s how we do it.

Our cross-disciplinary teams — with deep, proven industry expertise — work together cooperatively so that our solutions provide you with a more powerful core of growth-driven business functions. All under one roof — ours. The combination of services and solutions we provide is limitless…. making the possibilities for your business limitless, too.


Scalability of Services

Flexible Engagement Model

Flexible Engagement Model

Affordable Cost Structure

Affordable Cost Structure

Domain Expertise


Divisional Services

Finance and Accounting

Finance and Accounting

With an experienced team of accounting professionals, we offer businesses a full range of accounting services, from bookkeeping to part-time CFO and accounting systems integration.

Our experts can augment your existing team, work with you to streamline and optimize accounting processes, and help manage accounting work overflow during peak periods. You have 24/7 access to accurate, timely financial data and reporting, which positions your business with the agility to react quickly to changes, positively impacting decision-making.



Technology advances so rapidly, new developments can outpace a business's ability to keep up. Our team of IT experts collaborates with you on a scalable basis to assist with key IT infrastructure functions such as cloud services, website development, data security, custom software development, as well as platform based solutions and application development.

We can help you identify areas of your business where technology can enhance your productivity, implement the solution, and manage the maintenance for you. Delegate IT-focused tasks to our qualified professionals so you can focus on driving business growth.

Data Management

Data Management

Reliance on technology to optimize business functions and automate timely data generation for decision-making has resulted in vast quantities of complex data.

Our data management team can help turn your data into organized, manageable reports in usable formats, allowing for actionable insights. We can assess your needs and propose solutions for data entry, data migration, data cleaning, and data storage on safe and secure servers.

Insight360 Industry Solutions

Insight360 Industry Solutions

Our Insight360 series of products are comprehensive solutions for specialized industries that combine accounting services, financial and operational tools, and a cloud-based portal. The portal houses customized reports with key metrics, benchmarks, and KPIs by industry for better insight into business performance.

The industry-specific tools and applications allow for increased productivity, as the data from these customized and third-party applications are integrated into your reports for a more holistic, streamlined understanding of your business.

AV Solutions

AV Solutions

Deliver more with less by using our team of Audio Visual engineers. We provide integrators, consultants, and vendors with specialized AV expertise for your AV engineering and AV CAD work needs.

Our team provides flexible options to expand your bandwidth and your ability to complete AV projects on time and within budget. Our staff specialists are highly trained in AV Revit (BIM) modeling services, as well. In addition to AV, we also offer electronic security system (ESS) CAD services.

Healthcare Solutions

Healthcare Solutions

Our experienced healthcare solutions team works with HMEs and DMEs on a range of medical billing functions, with the goal of optimizing revenue cycle management.

We can focus on a single aspect of pre-billing or post-billing, such as claims submissions and payment postings, or we can complete the entire end-to-end process. With an emphasis on QC measures around billing, we are HIPPA compliant and provide secure access to patient data and information.

Relationships for the Long Term


At Analytix, we partner with businesses across numerous industries. The relationships that our teams build with our clients are key to those successful partnerships. Our teams function as a resource that provides expertise within our divisional areas.

With a combined technological infrastructure and a flexible, cost effective engagement model, we can be a tremendous asset to our partners in helping them remain competitive. Our solutions are scalable so you can draw on our expertise when you need it most, giving you access to a skilled professional team. As your partner, we can help bridge the needs between front and back office activities, across many functional areas. We work with you to manage write ups, BPO, tax preparation, implementation, and audit services — all under a single roof. Many of our partners use us as a resource for service and product line extensions. Incredible partners, relationships, and teams lead to incredible results.

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Array ( [0] => Financial Management for Your Business: The Significance of Expertise

Today’s technology makes it easier and more efficient to automate day-to-day tasks, however even with this efficiency, human expertise is necessary to make sure everything is in order. No matter how fast technology develops, companies require professional support in each department to maintain progress. This is especially true in the field of finance, accounting, IT, healthcare, hospitality, and other industries.

Industry specifics require financial experts to ensure your business remains successful. The financial manager helps with planning, forecasting, controlling expenditures, budgeting, and analyzing overall business health. With advanced financial management, there are better options for developing business, enhancing profits, controlling cash flow, budgeting, strategizing, and decision-making.

Proper understanding of a company’s finances can improve decisions and help in choosing better options for growing a business. To recognize your business, you need professional financial managers. They can analyze your business and provide insights to missed opportunities.

Key factors of financial management

Cash Flow – Keep track of the money in your account and understand how funds are being utilized to grow the business. This helps you understand business performance, expenses, P&L, and business growth in the short and long term.

Budgeting – Plan all your expenses so you can utilize extra funds for growing your business. Budgeting helps you to allocate funds for salaries, rent, mortgages, raw materials, and other expenses. It gives you more control over finances and spending. In addition, budgeting allows time to plan and allocate funds for various events and departments.

Planning and Forecasting – Business analysis provides insights that can help you to understand new business opportunities and make new goals with strategies.

Better financial management helps in minimizing market credit risk. It also gives you time to prepare your business for market demands. This is important because many businesses lack financial expertise and technology advancement, especially in start-ups.

Start-ups have many responsibilities, including managing clients, employees, business growth cycle, and timely payouts. It is difficult for executives to manage all the responsibilities successfully. According to our experts, outsourcing accounting services and implementing the latest technology into business can allow you to focus on core competency along with proper finance management. It could help in growing your business faster.

Finance Operations Are Better Handled by Experts

The accounting and finance industry has evolved too much around technology. Almost all back-office tasks have been moved to cloud technology and the latest accounting software. This makes it easier for high-level executives to manage accounts and books efficiently from a single dashboard. In addition, technology ensures books are clean and error-free.  Other advantages include auto payments, timely reporting, timely reminders, business analysis, and insights.

Accounting software allows you to consolidate financial information and improve the process of accounting and bookkeeping. It helps your accountants and financial experts to make better business decisions. If you require professional accountants, bookkeepers, and CFO services, and other financial solutions, then outsourcing financial accounting services is the solution for your business. Outsourcing and strategic partnerships can even help start-ups gain access to well-experienced experts at a fraction of the cost that it would take to hire this seniority. Outsourcing partners have access to the latest technology, talent pool, and on-demand solutions.

Do you want your business to perform efficiently and get ahead of the competition? Ensure your business is run on the latest technology and expand your workforce to allow your experts to focus on core competency. If you are interested in outsourcing accounting services and financial operations, consider the following steps.

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[1] => Using Revit to Improve Profitability - Part 2

The benefits that Revit BIM brings to businesses can help improve the AV experience, overall and improve AV deployment in living, work, and entertainment spaces.

  • Allowing better understanding of other essential elements like lighting and plumbing so that one does not create interference with the other.
  • Allowing creation of more harmonious surroundings, with optimal utilization of AV elements, be it visual or audio.
  • Ensuring reduced errors while helping develop better solutions for AV placement and deployment.

Revit BIM software can streamline communication and collaboration in pre-construction projects. When leveraged judiciously, the advantages of Revit BIM can both boost and benefit the business bottom-line.

Optimize Revit BIM usage

Revit BIM can help augment your business’s existing resources. BIM can work on streamlining operations for your in-house AV engineers by providing them with reliable and accurate 3D drawings. These 3D models help save time by providing accurate and reliable imagery for AV.

Professional AV engineers bring in-depth understanding of how documents and data can change in 2D and 3D formats. This may be a vital deciding factor in optimizing Revit utilization. Outsourcing Revit BIM helps your business leverage assistance from AV professional engineers, in turn, transforming your AV services offerings.

Harnessing visualization to provide AV engineers with relevant information is central to optimizing the benefits of BIM. This, in turn, provides value and increased revenue.

Deliver high-quality CAD

When you partner with professional AV assistance, you are more likely to consistently deliver high-quality CAD requirements. CAD consists of multiple elements, including 3D drawings.

High-quality drawings can greatly enhance the overall AV experience. In turn, your in-house AV engineers, when creating drawings, have a superior understanding of the software. The engineers understand focus areas that most benefit better from Revit deployment.

Revit professionals bring measurable cost savings because of their knowledge and experience with the software tool. This can free your in-house resources from the cost and time burdens of training and the higher wages required when hiring a trained resource.

Benefit from the enhanced modeling

A reliable and accurate 3D model can help AV engineers, AV integrators, and AV consultants to continue focusing on designing solutions, analyzing potential pitfalls and challenges, and improving risk mitigation practices.

Professionally rendered 3D drawing can help promote better understanding and more efficient inter-disciplinary collaboration between AV engineers and other stakeholders in a project, in assessing, testing, and delivering final results on time and with fewer errors. High-quality visualizations allow you to interpret potential pitfalls and risks.

The benefits of enhanced modeling translate to project cost reduction, better compliance with timelines, and goodwill all around, including internally and externally with clients and customers.

The Last Word

It is important to choose the right professional assistance and outsourcing partner to deploy your Revit BIM solutions. When deploying Revit BIM software, take care to ensure accuracy. The many benefits of this transformative software tool are likely to remain futile if not optimized. Professional assistance can ensure your business benefits from optimized software deployment, without sacrificing these Revit advantages:

  • Proven systems, robust infrastructure, and reliable troubleshooting options available for any software-related glitch.
  • Experienced AV professionals: expertise that comes from years of working with Revit BIM and in-depth understanding of industry trends and best practices.
  • Cost savings recognized from the perspective of established infrastructure and resources available; without the need to first make capital investments.
  • Ability to complete high-volume, low-margin AV tasks, including AV engineering and AV CAD tasks, freeing your in-house resources so they can focus on building better solutions.
  • While low-margin tasks are handled, there is no compromise in quality; quality and timeline parameters are adhered to stringently.

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  • Email us at [email protected] or call us on 781.503.9002 today.
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[2] => Should I Outsource?

Nowadays, there are many ways to grow businesses faster to survive in a competitive marketplace. One way is to add the latest technology to automate day-to-day tasks. Some companies are even considering outsourcing their key functions like bookkeeping and accounting to smoothen the business process. This may sound a bit scary for some people, but it is important to explore the benefits of outsourcing and how much it can be of help. Outsourcing enhances work quality and expands your workforce without experiencing the time-intensive hiring process or having to financially support full-time employees.

Importance of outsourcing

  • Automation

Your day-to-day work can easily migrate to an outsourced team in which you can feel confident. Your remote team will take of complete tasks and keep you regularly updated.

  • Productivity

This is one of the highlighted perks of outsourcing. A remote team will work with your processes to make sure work is completed to your expectations in a timely manner. Additionally, remote teams can train additional remote staff if needed as the workload expands, again saving you time and resources.

  • Business Development

When you move your labor-intensive work to a trusted team of experts, you have time to explore important aspects of the business and capture new markets. You can also do things like take on more clients, offer new services or products, and focus on your overall business strategy.

Pros of outsourcing

  • Experienced Resources

Outsourcing accounting firms have access to a large number of resources when compared to a local talent pool. They can hire and manage these resources for you so that you can reap all the benefits without having to worry about heavy costs or commitments. These resources are available at your disposal and ready to accomplish your tasks at given deadlines.

  • Work resolution

Do you have projects that need regular attention and must be completed ASAP? Using an outsourcing company with a large workforce means that your deadlines are easily met with quality work.

  • Cost-effective

Hiring in-house resources is costly and complicated. Outsourced talent provides expertise at reasonable costs. An outsourcing partner will charge you based on project deadline and complexity, number of hours, or full-time utilization. The prices vary from organization to organization because of their working standards.

  • Accuracy

To maintain a good relationship with clients, outsourcing companies appoint account managers to maintain quality of work. This helps in reviewing the client’s work before it goes for final submission.

  • Flexible work schedule

Some external accounting agencies connect you with professionals who can work in flexible time shifts to address your needs. This is essential if you wish to work closely with resources without any time gap.

  • Project Management

Are you worried about deadlines, miscommunication, and quality work? Don’t! Outsourcing firms follow the best process for completing client work on priority. They also follow strict training and security protocols. In addition, they also have a predefined reporting system so you can check project progress as well as employee’s timeline to calculate productivity.

Cons of outsourcing

  • Business Control

You have no choice but to trust your outsourcing partner with regular business activities, documents, and reports. On some level, you are giving access to your company to a stranger without any conditions and guarantee. This is one of many outsourcing risks.

Note – Work with a reputable company that follows business standards and provides all the security measures while sharing documents.

  • Hidden Costs

Save yourself from firms that practice adding hidden costs on every invoice. This is a standard practice in many organizations to earn profit.

Note – Review your outsourcing partner portfolio, testimonials, retention rate, and case studies.

  • Business hours

Not every outsourcing company provides expertise on flexible time shifts. So be clear about requirements to avoid problems during projects.

Note – Know your outsourcing partner as well as outsourcing team.

  • Language barrier

Lack of communication between you and your resources can delay project deadlines and create misunderstandings.

Note – Interview candidates or project managers to eliminate this problem.

The above-highlighted outsourcing pros and cons can help you in your decision process.


Outsourcing work is a good option for any organization that wants to grow faster and boost productivity. Likewise, there are multiple benefits when you migrate your work to outsourcing firms. Some of the advantages are adding more resources to the existing team, access to technology, professional expertise “on-demand”, and leveraging existing infrastructure. You can eliminate disadvantages by reaching out to an experienced outsourcing accounting and billing firm.

Next steps

  • Do you want to attain more insight into outsourcing firms and their services? Contact us today for a detailed explanation of how outsourcing work helps your organization.
  • Email us at [email protected]or call us on 781.503.9002 today.
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