Businesses today of all sizes are faced with a competitive environment that changes rapidly. Companies that possess the agility to react to those market conditions on an ongoing basis and successfully navigate through any unanticipated obstacles are better positioned for long term success. Analytix Solutions helps companies tackle these types of challenges by empowering business owners to confidently make informed decisions that will positively impact their company’s profitability. We are a single source provider of integrated solutions across multiple functional areas and disciplines. Through a combination of cross disciplinary expertise, technological aptitude, and deep domain experience, we arm our clients with efficient systems and processes, reliable data, and industry insights to help propel their business to the next level.


Our mission is to be a high performance professional outsourcing organization. We create loyalty with our clients and partners by providing innovative customized services and create an enriching environment for our employees.


To be a trusted partner of choice, providing one-stop, technology-enabled, value driven solutions that enhance clients’ growth and profitability.


Growth; customer focus; innovation and creativity; accountability and ownership; teamwork; respect and integrity.

Meet the Patel Brothers. They cofounded Analytix Solutions together, as a team…
and that spirit continues with our employees and our clients.

About Founder

Satish Patel,

CEO & Founder

Satish’s career began more than two decades ago as a CPA, conducting audits for small and mid-sized firms. Satish has advised business owners on financial and accounting issues, buying and selling decisions, and business valuations. He was later certified as a Financial Planner and joined a software startup as its Chief Financial Officer. He was responsible for all financial aspects of the company and also spearheaded human resources, information technology, internal operations and tax planning issues. Satish played a crucial role in expanding the company’s operations to 4 other countries and increasing sales to over $10 million. During his tenure at the startup, he also engineered several key financial initiatives, including raising venture capital and securing angel financing. The startup was eventually acquired by a publicly traded company.

Over the past two decades, Satish has built, acquired and sold several successful businesses. These experiences have provided him with significant insight into the issues faced by small to mid-sized businesses.

Satish has a Management degree from MS University in Baroda, India and an Accounting degree from California State University at Fullerton. He is a member of the International Business Brokerage Association and a charter member of The Indus Entrepreneurs Boston chapter. Satish actively contributes to community development through his participation in non-profit organizations.

About Co-Founder

Kirit Patel,

Co-Founder (1950 – 2013)

Kirit received his Ph.D., MS and BE degrees from Manchester University, England, in addition to receiving his MBA from the elite London School of Business — all by the age of 23. Already established as a serial entrepreneur, Kirit came to Boston in 1981 where he further developed his career by starting and growing new businesses and eventually selling them to larger companies. His key to success was not so much in starting new businesses, but in nurturing an entire organization until it was profitable and attractive to investors.

One of Kirit’s significant achievements occurred when he was the founder and CEO of Smart Storage, Inc., a software storage company. The company grew so profitable and sought after, that EMC, a leading provider of IT storage hardware solutions, bought it.

Kirit was also the founder and CEO of Gutenberg Systems, a company that provided device software to large OEM manufacturers such as JVC and Sony. He also co-founded Datext, the first commercial publisher of information on CD-ROM, which was later acquired by Lotus Development Corporation. After the acquisition, Kirit served as the Vice President and General Manager of Lotus Development’s Publishing Division which delivered financial and business information databases.

In 2006, Kirit co-founded Analytix Solutions along with his brother, Satish.

Kirit believed business was a social responsibility, and life was a journey to be enjoyed. He hired, mentored, and nurtured others driven not by profit, but a passion for helping people.

His philosophy and legacy in life can be best summed up by a series of quotes at the start of his Ph.D paper submitted in 1973:

“The true goal of human activity is the creation of a worldwide community of awakened and intelligently creative persons, related by mutual insight, and by the common task of fulfilling the potentiality of the human spirit on earth.”

Team Experience

Accounting and Finance Division Team

The depth of our accounting division’s domain expertise provides our client base with a competitive advantage. Our team of accounting professionals delivers scalability at a range of accounting support levels that allow businesses to maximize their operating budgets by contracting specific accounting functions only when required. We have professionals on staff who are CPAs, MBAs, and who possess significant experience at the CFO level with the business acumen to provide guidance on everything from strategic planning to financing. Team members with extensive experience in controller functions and business analyst functions collectively also have deep industry experience with startups, hotels, restaurants, and franchises.

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IT Division Team

Analytix Solutions’ IT team collectively possesses exceptional technical aptitude allowing us to assess the needs of companies and deliver the most comprehensive IT solutions that are appropriately matched to our clients’ needs. Nothing replaces the first-hand knowledge and experiences gained by working in positions and industries over time. Our team of seasoned “been-there-done-that” IT professionals have handled projects ranging from building ecommerce websites for niche markets to designing and implementing managed IT infrastructures on an ongoing basis for companies that require high levels of data security.

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Audio Visual Division Team

Our AV solutions are concepted and designed by a specialized team with experience in engineering, drafting and programming. The AV industry requires specialized knowledge, and our team is adept at taking customer data and output from survey tools and converting it into proposals and schematics. Our team of engineers, CAD designers and programmers has extensive experience delivering solutions for commercial venues, higher education, healthcare, government initiatives, and museums.

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Data Management Division Team

We realize how overwhelming vast amounts of unorganized data can be. That understanding stems from our team’s own professional experiences across industries and operational functions as to how important valid, usable data is to making crucial business decisions. Our data management team’s collective experience in writing macros for data automation, creating programs for data reporting, and understanding the critical nature of data validation stems from their own tenure at various companies, which Analytix can leverage for our own clients’ benefit.

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Our Insight360 industry solutions facilitate placing critical data for financial and operational reporting at the fingertips of decision makers within a number of vertical markets such as hotels, veterinarians, restaurants and even Dunkin Donuts. Our cross-functional team responsible for developing these products so that they meet the needs and address the challenges of these industries consists of highly educated and experienced marketing professionals, financial experts, IT gurus, and data management specialists. Their integrated knowledge and business acumen are the springboard for the development and launch of our successful Insight360 solutions, which are comprised of customized technology portals, services, and operational efficiency tools and applications.

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