Incredible Employees, Partners, and Clients Lead to Incredible Results

Businesses of all sizes are faced with a rapidly-changing competitive environment. Companies that possess both the ability to successfully navigate obstacles, and the agility to react to market conditions, are better positioned for long term success. Analytix Solutions helps your company tackle these types of challenges.

We empower business owners to confidently make informed decisions and positively impact profitability. We are a single source provider of integrated solutions across multiple functional areas and disciplines.

Through a combination of cross-disciplinary expertise, technological aptitude, and deep domain experience, we support our clients with efficient systems and processes, reliable data, and industry insights. We are your partner in strategically scaling your business for growth.

Our Mission

To be a high performance professional outsourcing organization. We create customer and partner loyalty by providing innovative and customized services. Our employees thrive in a creative and enriching work environment.

Our Vision

To be a trusted partner of choice, providing one-stop, technology-enabled, value driven solutions that enhance clients’ growth and profitability.

Our Values

Growth; Client Focus; Innovation and Creativity; Accountability and Ownership; Teamwork; Respect and Integrity

Integrated Technologies for Innovative Solutions

Analytix- Where the Whole Is ALWAYS Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts

Although we are committed to accuracy and data integrity, we know that when it comes to our team 1+1> 2. Much of this mission comes from our collaborative work style and the expertise that each of our employees provides. The true synergy of our solutions, however, stems from the team culture of our company and our philosophy "ever to excel." Our commitment to professional development, and our employees' dedication to learning and improving results, sets us apart.

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Celebrating professional excellence
Continued professional excellence is possible with an investment in learning and development. Hard skills — sales, analytical reasoning, and business analysis — must be supported by soft skills — adaptability, persuasiveness, and creativity — to ensure overall individual growth. Our learning and development programs focus on communication skills, niche professional courses, and managerial and leadership skills.
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Analytix Solutions Annual Meeting 2020

They emphasize individual and team career development, as opposed to an approach of simply getting the job done. Our Analytix Wonderful Women of Work (AWOW) group ensures that our female employees — who make up a sizeable part of our workforce — take time for themselves to understand the nuances of healthcare and wellness.

Our recently launched WE CARE program focuses on employee health, well-being, and happiness during times of remote work. Our company outings, holiday gatherings, and fantasy sports league competitions underscore the importance of making the office a fun and social environment in which to work.

What does this mean for our clients?

Our teams form the backbone of our operations. Each one of us brings deep industry knowledge combined with cross-domain expertise, skills and a desire to learn and become better together. This synergy between our team members translates into solutions that are creative, customized, and relevant for you.

We Are Hiring

We are always looking for candidates who appreciate a creative, innovative work environment to join our rapidly growing team.


Satish Patel

CEO & Founder

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Rajiv Bhatia

President & Country Head

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John Mathew


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Pratik Amin

IT Manager

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Jagruti Patel

Director, IT & Web Services

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Enida Mimani - DMS

Enida Mimani

Director, Healthcare Solutions

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Omar Farooqi

VP, CFO Services

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Kajal Unadkat

Director, Administrative Services

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Alok Bhatt

SVP, Business Transformation Services

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Chetan Ostwal


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Michelle Mahov - VP - Marketing

Michelle Mahov

VP, Marketing

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Nishant Kumar

VP, Sales

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Sandeep Mudaliar

VP, HR & Admin

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