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A challenge for many retailers is often needing to provide a multi-channel buying experience — “brick and morter” — as well as ecommerce. This can be tricky for a small business. The customer records, inventory, POS, and financial data from both channels needs to be integrated. For multi-location stores, owners want to be able to look at financial and operational reports across locations.

Our retail industry solutions can help you resolve these challenges. We work with you to combine services across all of our divisions to customize a solution that makes managing your business less time consuming.

Simultaneously, our retail solutions equip you with the tools, data, and insights to make decisions more quickly and confidently. Our solutions ensure you have accurate real time access to reports that relay information such as sales by channel, COGS, payroll, and revenue by product.




Our retail accounting specialists understand the nuances of the industry. Our team can help with all aspects of your accounting needs, from bookkeeping to CFO level functions.

Our working knowledge of many POS systems and accounting system platforms position us to make recommendations on the best fit for your business. We can also manage the implementation and integration of any upgrades.



Our team has cross-industry expertise that allows us to create IT solutions tailored to your needs as a retail business owner. We offer cloud managed services so that your IT infrastructure is optimized and running securely.

We also can assist in designing and developing your website, as well as including an ecommerce site if you offer that option as part of your retail strategy.

Data Management

Data Management

Our data management team makes it easy for your retail business to store, organize, manage, and retrieve data that is essential to run your business.

We can streamline tasks involving large volumes of data. We can also migrate data to a single location from multiple systems including payroll, POS, and ecommerce.



Our Insight360 solution combines our accounting services, operational tools, and applications within our customizable portal. The portal provides real time access to your financial and operational metrics so that you can quickly make decisions that impact your retail business’s performance.

With our Insight360 solution, you can integrate data from multiple sources to enable quicker decision making for your store.

We work with your existing tools

Why partner with Analytix?

  • Single-source solutions provider with cross-divisional expertise.
  • Affordable cost structure for even the leanest budgets.
  • Increased profit margins by focusing on higher revenue generating services and outsourcing low margin tasks
  • Access to trained, qualified professionals on a flexible basis.
  • Flexible engagement model.
  • Improved technology and innovative tools with little to no investment.
  • Ability to scale operations quickly during peak periods.
  • Ability to expand product and service offering as needed.
  • Business continuity solutions for small to mid-sized businesses

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