Automation Services

Analytix Automation Services help our clients drive digital transformation of their business processes. Our automation team has developed multiple tools and integrations that are able to deliver quick results for our clients. Our team is able to deliver both process-based and data flow-based automations by leveraging some of the latest automation technologies and platforms available today like Python, RDA and RPA. We have a huge inventory of integrations that are readily available for most software that is frequently used by our MSME clients. For any custom integrations, we leverage APIs, RPA, web scrapping or database connectors to deliver quick results.

Our automations are designed to augment the existing technology ecosystem of our clients. Our cloud-based automation tools require zero-code change in the client tech ecosystem and provide out clients with the controls to start, stop or schedule their automations from a web-based orchestrator.

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Realized Impact

Up to 80% Manual Effort Reduction
Over 90% Accuracy Delivered
Accelerated Processing Scalable Capacity
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As a proof of our commitment toward helping our clients digitize their operations at below-market costs, one of the options that we provide our clients with is the chance to engage with us on an outcome-based basis. We provide an option to deliver Automation-As-A-Service, where the client pays a minimal upfront fee for process assessment and then the client and Analytix share the benefits of automation together. The scope of assessment could be a specific activity, a specific process and an entire business function like accounting, marketing, or HR. The automation is provided as a managed service where the automation is completely developed, deployed, and maintained by Analytix. This “gain-share” model is unique in its approach because the client only pays a share of the total effort, thus helping increase savings on the benefits that Analytix has delivered. This crates a win-win situation for both Analytix and our clients.

Features of Analytix Web-Based Automation Orchestrator

  • Automation on cloud, increases scalability and reliability
  • Run applications from Automation Portal instead of your local systems
  • Auto-scheduling of applications
  • Start/Stop/Schedule applications from Automation Portal
  • Collector logs of all application (Time Saving, Errors, Access)
  • Version Control
  • Security and access control
  • Licensing and Subscription

Automation Projects

For clients for whom capital expenditures are not a problem or for those who want to have complete control of the tools and technology deployed in their ecosystem, we aim to deliver automation as a project. Each project is based on a specific scope, based on which the effort for assessing and developing it are estimated. The commercials have been decided based on the estimated effort. The end product is completely owned by the client and Analytix can offer maintenance support as needed.

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Automation Developer as a FTE

We also support the existing automation teams of our clients by providing them with process analysts and automation developers as full-time employees (FTE) who possess the required skill sets. Our team will work as an extended part of the client’s technology team and will augment the skill sets and capacity required to help meet the deadline for each client’s projects. The Analytix FTE will report into the client’s technology organization as required and will be fully governed as part of the client’s own project team. We work with the client to define the role based on the job description and hire the relevant candidate that can serve as an asset to the client’s team. The client can then train the FTE on their specific job requirements and allocate work as needed.

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Types of Automations

Data Consolidation Image

Data Consolidation

Process Automation Image

Process Automation(Invoice Processing)

Web Data-scrapping Image

Web/Data Scrapping

Platforms We Have Automated/Integrated

Examples of Activities We Have Automated


  • Importing POS Daily entries
  • Creating Invoice/Sales Orders
  • Emailing Invoices to customers
  • Managing customer lists
  • Merchant reconciliation
  • POS reconciliation
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  • Download statements
  • Import entries
  • CC entries classification and GL allocation
Bank/CC Image


  • Importing payroll entries
  • Syncing timesheets
  • Payroll reconciliation
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  • Downloading bills
  • Importing bill entries
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  • Financial Reports Package
  • MIS Reports
  • Unearned Revenue calculation
  • Sales tax calculation
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  • PDF Data Extract
  • Send emails
  • Read and extract emails/attachments
  • Reports and Charts
  • Refreshing PowerBI data

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