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Analytix’s operational consulting service is designed to help reduce the total cost of operations for our clients’ internal operations and processes, thereby making them more efficient, streamlined and ultimately, profitable. If the client has a problem such as a slowdown in throughput, an increase in operational costs, and limited scalability – it’s time to bring in an operations consultant. Operations consultants will first look at the current operations model, systems and day-to-day processes of getting the job done. They talk with executives, C-suite personnel, and everyone in between. Accurate assessment of the problem is a big part of the job. They then embark on introducing a three-pronged solution that includes organizational design, lean process reengineering, and automation designed to drive down the total cost of operations for our clients.

Our clients have seen a reduction in the total cost of operations by up to 60%, and they also benefit from the support we provide with the implementation of the well-defined transformation roadmap.

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Organizational Design

Organizational Design

Organizational design is all about creating the right structure for your team so that you have a good number of team members with the the right skill sets. We also establish the correct governance structure for communication and define the roles & responsibilities to ensure
everyone in the organization is aware of what they are expected to do.

While creating the right organizational design, operations consultants also consider the multiple locations where the team is/can be distributed, including onshore and offshore locations. In case the client is interested in doing offshoring, we use the “Outsourcing Decision Matrix” to help with the identification of activities that can be performed without risk from an offshore location to save on costs. We also support the clients in transitioning the work to offshore locations, including the provision of the support required for the process of hiring and training resources.

Lean Process Reengineering

Lean Process Reengineering

Operations consultants are experts in using Lean and Six Sigma tools and methodologies to identify process bottlenecks, inefficiencies and non-value-added activities. They also look at building process controls to reduce operational and financial risks for our clients. They help our clients with documenting the “as-is” processes and future state “to-be” processes. While analyzing processes and data flow, operational consultants also identify opportunities for automation and work with the automation team to get the automation implemented in the processes in scope.



When seeking to optimize the total cost of operations, automation is one of the most critical solutions. The digitization of process activities ensures that employees of our clients focus on judgement-based, value-adding activities rather than transactional, data entry-based activities. Digitized processes are highly standardized, easily replicable, and more scalable. The automation tools that the Business Transformation team develops and deploys for our clients are able to help cut the costs of those activities by around 80%. Learn more about our automation services here.

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Analytix OPT Framework to Optimize Client's Current State

Our consultants uses the OPT framework (Organization Process Technology) to assess the current state of the client organization to deliver optimized performance and drive profitability.

After the initial assessment against all three points (organizational design, process, and technology) operations consultants present a unified solution for our clients. The solution contains the recommendations for the changes to reduce the total cost of operations and to create a roadmap for implementing those changes. Our consultants also work with the clients to prioritize the different solutions and support the implementation of the project as a central project management office for the client.

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