Why Hire a Business Travel Planner for Your Travel Needs ?

by | November 1, 2023 | 4:35 am
Travel Planner for Your Travel Needs

These days, travel has become an essential part of many businesses. Depending on the nature of the organization, business owners and operators may need to travel for work. Scheduling travel itself is often time-consuming work that needs a lot of coordination. This includes back-and-forth communication to get all the reservations right.

According to a Statista report, consumers and businesses alike are constantly adopting new technologies in the hope of increasing efficiency and convenience. The report goes on to say how the assistance extends to giving information and assisting with everyday tasks.

The Challenges Faced in Travel Planning

Planning trips by themselves can prove to be very time-consuming for businesspeople. First, it is not just about transportation. Travel planning also needs to include journey breaks, accommodation, food, etc. When travel is necessary for business meetings, the scheduling needs to include clients or other stakeholders who will participate in these meetings.

Every aspect of travel planning requires details and the time to make phone calls and talk to all the individuals involved. This frequently involves last-minute preparations or rushed efforts that may, unfortunately, result in missed transportation or accommodation.

Why Do You Need a Business Travel Planner?

A business travel planner compiles travel requirements exactly as they are required for businesses. A business travel planner understands the basics of business travel:

  • Online research for best deals.
  • Travel itineraries and how they can change at the last minute.
  • Financial budget of the business that needs travel planning.
  • Ensuring smooth communication for everyone involved, including coordinating with the contacts and clients as needed.

Hiring a Virtual Business Travel Planner Also Works Great

Hiring a business travel planner is a great idea, but it can also quickly become cost intensive. Some considerations to be kept in mind include the following:

  • In-house resources need to be paid wages and benefits.
  • Perks such as retirement benefits are also necessary to ensure legal compliance.
  • In-house employees need regular training and upskilling.
  • If an employee decides to leave, this can prove to be highly costly for the business.

Hiring the Right Travel Planner

Businesses can hire an executive or virtual assistant who can manage administrative tasks for their business. This will also allow them to understand schedules and travel itineraries and thereby ensure fail-safe planning.

Statistics show that virtual assistants are educated, and many of them hold a bachelor’s degree. Research also shows that the private sector employs many virtual assistants.

An executive or virtual assistant can help businesses work with better-planned travel itineraries. More importantly, they can plan trips that do not lead to time loss, even unwittingly, and that allows the traveling individual to stay productive.

A virtual assistant helps businesses save up on costs associated with in-house hiring. A virtual assistant can help more effectively than an in-house resource because they bring pre-training knowledge to their work. They are also well-versed in communication, which helps them book accommodation and convenient places to hold corporate clients’ meetings. Are you confused about virtual assistant hiring? Check out this brief guide on how to go about it.

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