How a Virtual Assistant Can Exponentially Grow Your Revenue

by | June 1, 2023 | 6:15 am

One of the primary reasons business owners today need assistance is the lack of time in their workday. Yet, the process of hiring assistants, including a receptionist, can prove to be a costly endeavor. Hiring a resource in-house typically involves the following priorities:

  • Paying the correct wage, per the laws in your state
  • Ensuring benefits are paid out in accordance with regulations.
  • Ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements when it comes to hiring, training, and retaining employees.
  • Ensuring the business is stable enough to handle the financial losses that may accompany resource attrition

Employee attrition can hit a business hard in terms of financial losses. According to a FinancesOnline report, employee turnover has cost US industries more than $630 billion.

Save Up on Costs; Help Business Revenue Grow

Trained assistance is a requirement that can help businesses in multiple ways, with the goal of exponentially growing revenue. A trained virtual assistant can help businesses transition out of the cycle of hiring, training, and retaining workers and facing attrition. Here are some ways in which a trained virtual assistant helps add to a business’s bottom line:

#1. Save Up on Time for Key Business Resources

Owners of businesses usually lack adequate time in their workday. If it’s a new business, the volume of hands-on work is usually high and can include day-to-day deliverables. While this is essential, other equally critical tasks within a business include:

  • Back-end work, such as documentation and administration
  • Ensuring short and long-term goal-setting
  • Participating in business-building activities
  • Planning and participating in revenue-generating activities
  • Streamlining everyday operations for the business

A virtual assistant can take over all of these tasks. They can put these on their to-do list to ensure practical completion and effective assistance for the business. This can help save time for key personnel within a business. Thus, a professional can take over critical tasks, including business-building activities. Also, there is an increased possibility of opening up newer revenue channels.

#2. Enabling Effective Communication

Ensuring that queries are answered, calls are arranged, and communication is carried out promptly is always critical to business performance. A virtual assistant can accomplish a seemingly simple task, such as answering phone calls without delay. At the same time, the virtual assistant can redirect queries to the right resource within the business. This can help prevent the loss of potential clients and customers. A perceptive virtual assistant can also help businesses screen potential customers better, which can contribute to lead-generating activities.

#3. Contributing to streamlining operations

A trained virtual assistant can help share the workload of in-house resources. Consider the wide range of work that can be taken over by a virtual assistant and that can free up the in-house resources accordingly:

  • Taking responsibility for communication, including courteous and timely answering of calls and queries
  • Being able to take on work quickly and learn on the job where needed following extensive pre-training.
  • Being able to assist as and when required.
  • Adding value to networking and external communication to present the business as a positive, capable organization
  • Helping to contribute to growing intangible values of trust and goodwill for the business
  • Communicating effectively to customers that they’re part of a responsive and professional organization committed to their growth and welfare.

Streamlined operations can help optimize productivity, minimize financial drain, and ensure better utilization of resources. All of this ensures the following:

#4. Contributing to financial growth

A virtual assistant can take over administrative duties and provide extensive and high-quality back-office support. This can be invaluable to businesses that need frequent travel planning and event planning, such as exhibitions and meets, or businesses that consistently need to stay connected with clients.

Each of these activities is time-consuming and cost-intensive. However, in the hands of a capable and trained virtual assistant, they can help businesses save up on expenses.

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