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We have the solutions and services to help you manage your restaurant’s growth, based on actionable insights. Our Insight360 solution for restaurants combines accounting services and industry tools and applications in a customized portal, accessible 24/7.

Insight360 includes a customized dashboard for instant access to key metrics in real-time, as well as historical metrics for comparison. Select from reporting categories such as weekly prime cost, inventory tracking, cost as a percentage of sales, and payroll for hourly employees. Our solution helps you maintain control of the financial health of your restaurant business by providing a reporting platform that consolidates data from multiple financial systems.

Reported data includes POS data, payroll, accurate daily labor costs, COGS as a percentage of sales, and more. Insight360 tracks overall profit margins and helps you make timely decisions. We can help you create a customized solution that allows you to focus on what you do best — run your restaurant.




Our restaurant accounting specialists understand the nuances of the industry. Our team can help with all aspects of your accounting needs, from bookkeeping to CFO-level functions.

Our working knowledge of many POS systems and accounting system platforms position us to make recommendations on the best fit for your restaurant. We can also manage the implementation and integration of any upgrades.



Let our IT team, with detailed restaurant experience, work with you to identify the best technology solutions for your restaurant. We can design a website, upgrade it to an ecommerce site, or just manage the site upgrades and maintenance on an ongoing basis.

Our IT team can also handle your restaurant’s cloud based infrastructure or assist you with integrating and customizing your CRM, POS and catering systems.



Although it is important to gather information to assess the financial and operational health of your restaurant, it can be time consuming to access accounting, sales, inventory, and labor data across multiple systems.

Our Insight360 restaurant solution is a single centralized dashboard that provides instant access to key metrics, real-time. It offers a suite of apps and tools to streamline your restaurant operations.

Data Management

Data Management

Our data management team can work with your restaurant to streamline tasks involving large volumes of data.

We can migrate data from multiple systems to a single location for centralized use, ensuring that the data is reliable and organized.

We work with your existing tools

Why partner with Analytix?

  • Single-source solutions provider with cross-divisional expertise.
  • Affordable cost structure for even the leanest budgets.
  • Increased profit margins by focusing on higher revenue generating services and outsourcing low margin tasks.
  • Access to trained, qualified professionals on a flexible basis.
  • Flexible engagement model.
  • Improved technology and innovative tools with little to no investment.
  • Ability to scale operations quickly during peak periods.
  • Ability to expand product and service offering as needed.
  • Business continuity solutions for small to mid-sized businesses.

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