The Benefits Of Single Reporting Dashboard for Your Restaurants & Franchisees

by | May 24, 2023 | 1:53 pm
Single Reporting Dashboard for Restaurant & Franchisees

According to a Finances Online report, the market size of the global food service industry is projected to grow from an estimated $3 trillion in 2020 to around $4.1 trillion in 2026, with an annual growth rate of 5.4%.

One of the biggest challenges these multi-location businesses face is ensuring they can store and easily view data and finance figures from all locations in one place. Every location operates as an independent restaurant with its own operational details, inventory, staff, and customer pool. However, for streamlined operations that are consistent across geographical locations, owners and operators need to review financial data in a practical way.

Maintaining Profitability across Locations

This is, by far, the greatest challenge faced by multi-location restaurants and franchise restaurant owners and operators. Overall, multi-location restaurants and franchises need to be able to manage and coordinate operations across multiple locations while maintaining consistency, quality, and profitability. This requires effective management and collaboration, as well as the ability to adapt to local market conditions and regulations.

Single Reporting Dashboard for Restaurant & Franchisees

The Advantages of a Single Reporting Dashboard

Given the multiple challenges restaurants and other franchises face, the ideal tech solution would include a tool that helps integrate multiple platforms and systems. When matched with multi-location data and accounting numbers, a single reporting dashboard that is designed for multi-location restaurants and franchisees can provide many benefits and advantages, including:

#1. Centralized Data: A single dashboard allows different franchisee locations to access and view data on a single platform. This enables business owners and operators consolidate data from multiple geographic locations of their restaurants at one place, thereby simplifying the data reporting process.

#2. Real-Time Insights: A single reporting dashboard can provide real-time insights into sales, customer feedback, and other key performance indicators (KPIs). This allows franchisees to make quick decisions and adjustments based on current data.

#3. Increased Time Savings: With a centralized dashboard, franchisees can easily access all the essential data without having to spend time collecting and organizing it from multiple sources. A centralized dashboard can easily help save several hours, and at times up to 10 hours or more per week, depending on the location.

#4. Standardization: By using a single dashboard, franchisees can ensure that all data is collected and reported consistently. This can help improve accuracy and reduce errors in the data reporting process.

#5. Better Decision-Making: With access to accurate and timely data, franchisees can make more informed decisions about everything from menu changes to staffing levels. Informed decision-making can help drive overall business performance and profitability.

#6. Improved Communication: A single reporting dashboard helps improve communication between franchisees and the parent company. By sharing data and insights, both parties can work together to identify areas of improvement and develop solutions to address them. It also allows for information from multiple locations to be shared more effectively, which can contribute to decision-making as well.

#7. Scalability: As new franchisees or new locations are added to the restaurant network, they can easily be integrated into the existing reporting system. This can help to ensure that all franchisees have access to the same data and insights, regardless of their location or size.

Why Insight360?

Insight360 is an insightful and intuitive tool that can be customized to your multi-location restaurant or franchise business. It provides customized data from your operations to help you in multiple ways.

  • Share and exchange critical operational and performance data for all locations in a single interface.
  • Provide you with crucial data on sales, COGS, labor, speed of service, and guest satisfaction to help track and manage information better.
  • Allows you to make business decisions based on real-time data and information.
  • Allows you to drive profitability thanks to informed decision-making.

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